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    Story of the Kings

    The King's Organic Food story started from the King's Family brand, which is a well known fast food brand among the Asian community founded by Ms. Lily King in 1989 in Toronto, Canada. Kings Taste was the first Asian food brand that turned its entire manufacturing processes into automated production lines at the time. The unique taste of its food had made Kings Taste a good memory for a lot of people in that generation.

    As the demand for fast food grew, so did the King's Family brand. The popularity of the brand continued to increase, and it became a household name within the Asian community.


  • Passion Toward Organic


    One of the reasons for the brand's success was its commitment to using high-quality ingredients and offering a wide range of menu options. From traditional Asian dishes to Western favorites, Ms. King was also known for her innovative approach to fast food, introducing new menu items and constantly improving upon existing ones.

    Based on her successful business experiences, Ms. King began to notice that there was a growing demand for organic and healthier options in the fast food industry, and decided to create a new line of products under Red Maple and the King's Organic Foods brand. Since 2018, Ms. King and her company started to dedicate her full time into organic food industry in her age of 73.

  • The First Organic Certified Food Processing Brand in Canada

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    Using her extensive knowledge of the food industry and her passion for health and wellness, Ms. King set out to create a line of organic, plant-based options that would appeal to both health-conscious individuals and those looking for tasty, convenient meals. She worked closely with a team of chefs and nutritionists to develop a range of dishes that were both delicious and nutritious.


    Kings Organic Foods brand is in assisocation with Red Maple Foods, Kings Taste, Kings Organic Supply Chain and other companys from the family to further support the development and growth of the organic and health passion. By today, it has successfully obtain the first organic certiations for food processing from Canada Organic Regime (COR), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and BC Certified Organic.

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